GH Post #5

Deciding the best way to spread a little more information about BYOD was not an easy task. I was torn between an informational flyer, or making a short video. in hopes that this would be a timeless item, the decision became even tougher. I want this research to help someone or some school to push through and implement BYOD in their system.

Of course the flyer seems like the easy, safe thing to do, but I want to make this memorable and truly expresses the message that I am trying to get across. the flyer doesn’t have the potential to be too exciting. The audience would still have to read and it would require more work of them. This is how I made the final decision to¬†make a short video.

By making a short video, I would be able to do much more in my presentation. I would use my voice to show enthusiasm and genuine interest in the topic. I could also do a demonstration using a personal device. The possibilities are endless with the short video. They allow for me creativity and would be more in detail. It is easier to say more words than write them all down.



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