Affinity Space

Brad’s Playlist


This was first time using affinity space as an “Affinity space.” This was a different way of learning for me. I only used YouTube for things such as tutorials and music videos, never really as a source of learning. A YouTube playlist allows you to group together things that need to be taught together but are not linked online. For instance, to teach basketball you could have a playlist filled with things for both big men and guards. Your team can all use the same playlist to get to the videos that benefit each individual.

My topic was Coach K from Duke. He is both the Duke head coach and the team USA head coach. Basketball is a very big part of my life. The opportunity to do something I love for my class was amazing. I enjoyed making my video and the uploading process was very simple and quick.

Affinity spaces can work wonders for teachers if used properly. I actually have been brainstorming because I feel like Genius Hour and Affinity spaces can work hand in hand, allowing like minds to work together towards a common goal. It can be used for things such as recess. All students don’t want to go outside, so other environments would be great to appeal to the other students.