GH Post #4

Your Name Bradley Evans Interviewee’s First Name Dwain Evans Interviewee’s Qualifications Executive Officer over Enterprise Accounts in the Southeastern States Qualifications Bachelors’s degree in Business Admisintration from Georgia College and State University Qualifications 28 years working for UPS   # Interview Question 1 What was it like getting and education in the 20th century? 2 … More GH Post #4

GH Post #6

Deciding to do my Genius Hour Project on BYOD in the school systems was probably one of the best things I could have ever done. Too often we do things because we’re told to, but for once we were able to do something because of our passion. I feel like Genius Hour is a great … More GH Post #6

GH Post #5

Deciding the best way to spread a little more information about BYOD was not an easy task. I was torn between an informational flyer, or making a short video. in hopes that this would be a timeless item, the decision became even tougher. I want this research to help someone or some school to push … More GH Post #5

Genius Hour Post #3

  Source Coming Full Circle: are there benefits to BYOD? Summary BYOD was first started by the smart phone and tablet revolution. BYOD was spotted in the workplace before the school systems. Instead of using the old computers provided, now employees can complete tasks while mobile, at home, or at work, but just outside of their … More Genius Hour Post #3

Genius Hour Post #2

For my Genius Hour project, my question is, “How can Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) be efficiently implemented into the K12 environment without taking away from the educational setting?” While working on my Genius Hour project this week, I came to find that one of my other classmates is also looking into BYOD in classrooms. I’m … More Genius Hour Post #2

BYOD in Education

The topic that I will be exploring is how Bring Your Own Device can be efficiently implemented into the K12 environment without taking away from the educational setting. This topic is near and dear to me because my little sister is very into technology and she enjoys using her technology for just about everything. Most … More BYOD in Education