Maker Ed




For my maker projects I chose two things that helped me tap into my past and remember the good times. For my high tech Maker ED project, I did a How-To SnapGuide on how to make pancakes. Growing up, my Godmother, Vivian Ellis would always make pancakes for me after school when I walked to her house. This was such a consistent routine that pancakes grew to be one of my favorite foods, meaning that I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making them and eating them. My roommates even came out to ask what that delicious smell. My Godmother taught me how to cook these, and I feel like I can eat this meal for any meal of the day. This meal is also a quick one. For my low-tech Maker ED project I decided to make a survival bracelet, also known as a Para cord bracelet. When I was in middle school, one of my classmates, Jodessa Lawrence was diagnosed with cancer. She was one of the strongest people that I ever met. As we know, this is an expensive experience, so in high school we use to help her make these bracelets to help raise money for her foundation. She passed away the summer entering our senior year, so we made it our duty to continue to help raise money to help her family. Making the bracelets is always fun. You get to choose your own colors, usually 2-3 for your pattern. I have seen some of the nicest colorways ever. It’s very simple to make. It takes the longest to start it and size the wrist, but once you get going, it’s a pattern so it becomes easy. The only thing you have to really focus on is keeping it tight throughout the process. It was good going down memory lane to remember her and all of the great times we had.

This project relates to Universal Design Learning because it in turn depicts the goals of it perfectly. This project allowed for students to participate in learning, but the way that benefits them the best. UDL gives the teachers the ability to adjust the material and present it so that students can maximize on their learning. In today’s generation, research has showed that all students do not learn the same. They need special attention, new methods, and UDL makes this possible.

Educational technology and Maker Ed can also be related as well. I used the Maker Ed to make things that I enjoy and are more recreational, but these same methods and ideals can be implemented into the school system as well. Allowing students to open up their brains and use have more of a creative outlook on school more so than a requirement. I feel like school and learning should be enjoyable rather then feel like a jail that we’re being held captive at.

If I had to choose one of my Maker ED projects to be used in K-12 setting, it would be the snap guide. The best class for this would have to be a science or math class, preferably a math class though. Often times students don’t get to completely learn in the classroom because they miss something while taking notes, or the teacher is moving fast. With my Maker ED project, I would make each student create a full snap guide on how to do different math problems. With the class size usually being around 25, I would assign each of them problems that require multiple methods to solve the problem. After this I would compile all of these problems into a single file. Now my students have a detailed problem breakdown for every problem that they could possibly need. This could be used as a great study guide for tests and quizzes, and the students would always have access to it so anything that they may miss throughout the regular class can be reinforced at a later, more convenient time. The end goal for me if I were to implement this in a classroom would be to make sure that each and every student has a complete and full understanding of the content. I want to see all students be successful. In high school, we use to say, “No Child Left Behind.” And this is what drives my motivation to ensure that each and every student succeeds. Too often teachers resort to discipline, but never try again to present how detrimental it is to get an education, especially with the way the world is progressing. Knowledge really is power in today’s world, and if the education is going to be free, the least we can do is learn and the best person that we can be so that we can contribute to the growth and prospering of this great world.


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